IT advertising services

Our publishers get maximum security. Your audience will never be affected by malware or unsanctioned advertising.

Our traffic comes directly from credible websites which allows us to be fully responsible for the quality and caters for billions of impressions monthly from Asian Countries, Middle East, Africa, CIS and Tier-1 etc. Annual traffic growth rate is more than 400%.

Our advertisers get a variety of effective and profitable ad formats. Besides the trusted sources, our own anti-adblock and malware defeating solution guarantees lack of absence of fraud or covert manipulation. All advertisers can choose a price model that suits them best: CPA, CPM or CPC.

Knowing the audience and the specifics of the niche of our business, you can come up with hundreds of ways to increase sales and increase loyalty using SMS. Also, we organize a profitable sale of SMS traffic in all countries of the world

Our team strongly believes that our development and success directly depends on the development and success of our partners. That’s why we are always on hand to give advice and share our experience.


We make traffic profitable and help grow our partners' business.
For publishers who want to get the most out of their sites.

Website development

Among our clients for creating websites are successful manufacturing and trading enterprises, service companies, large chain stores, pharmacies and clinics, beauty and health centers, travel companies, car services and stores, developers and realtors, real estate agencies, transport and logistics companies, manufacturers industrial equipment and dealerships. Our work is the creation, support, development and promotion of sites using relevant methods and means. At all stages of website development, we follow the standards and regulations adopted by web developers around the world. Development of games for mobile phones based on IOS / Android. Operating system support and game app updates

A team of professionals with strong expertise in website promotion, as well as in the development of e-commerce and corporate projects

We develop complex web projects: sites, services, information portals, CRM and ERP systems.

Just choose what your site will be like, and our web studio will bring your idea to life. You can order either a completely individual design or choose an inexpensive option based on ready-made templates. Their assortment is suitable for a variety of purposes.

We want your business to start developing and you tell your friends about us. Therefore, our studio adheres to a policy of low prices, without sacrificing quality. We understand how difficult it is to raise your business.


We are a full-cycle it company and can provide you with everything you need

IT outsourcing

An important advantage of outsourcing is the ability to independently regulate the volume of services offered in real time. This will help you choose the composition and level of service you need, and at the same time will not create obstacles for modernization in your IT infrastructure.

Custom development

In cases where the implementation of ready-made software products for any reason does not suit the customer, we are ready to custom-make software development that will fully meet the customer's requirements and fit into the IT architecture of the enterprise.

Equipment setup

Our company's specialists can transfer the company's current IT infrastructure to the cloud. This gives obvious advantages, such as: savings on equipment and maintenance, the introduction of software products instead of "hardware"

Do you need new software or just want to update your old site? Write to us

We know how to work in the most difficult conditions of high uncertainty, focusing on the needs of our clients.

Sale of computer equipment

Computer equipment is a complex concept that describes the full range of computer systems produced, from a small PDA to a super-powerful computer. Reliable computer equipment is the key to the successful development of any enterprise or organization. The offered computer equipment complies with the latest trends in the technical process, is of high quality and long-term operation.

Main specializations:

Computers, incl. monoblocks and nettops;
Laptops, netbooks, tablets;
Servers and data storage systems;
Uninterruptible power supply systems and units;
Projection equipment - projectors, screens, document cameras, interactive whiteboards, plasma and LCD panels;
Network hardware;
Peripherals, office equipment, consumables;
Banking equipment.

Telecom services

Discover the latest in cutting-edge technology through our trusted telecom partners, backed by a dedicated support and engineering team assigned exclusively to meet your needs. We are committed to providing not only advanced telecommunications solutions but also exceptional assistance and expertise tailored just for you.